Friday, October 1, 2010

My First Friday Fill In

Thanks to my Aunt Grace  of Gracia Fashionista . I am able to participate with daily memes as a new blogger I have to visit her blog so I will know what to join and I learned this Friday Fill In meme.

1. My back is painful after  waging war against mountain of laundries
2. I  hope to receive wet n  wild products specifically a lipstick this Christmas.

3. Leaves are falling all around, and we have to sweep them all tomorrow.

4. I should get a remedy for my  forgetfulness.

5. Healing is coming very fast.

6. Blogging is what I've been up to lately!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to have our Bible Study with the Jose's family, tomorrow my plans include change the curtains and Sunday, I want to celebrate God's goodness with my brethren !

1 comment:

kidsturf said...

Nice your template .. love it. also pag link nimo sa sunod butangi ug first entry so that many will visit you.. also delete google adsense ninmo ..some advertiser do not want google adsense... if you will make new blog site.. don't include goodle adsense..walay sapi ana..hahahahah