Monday, October 11, 2010

Wanted National Costume for U.N.

    United Nation was founded after the World War II it was officially organized on October 24, 1945. Philippines is among its 192 members. That is why every October we commemorate U.N's foundation through display of flags and wearing of International costumes.

     This morning, my youngest Hannah excitedly showed to me her teacher's note that she will represent the Country of Iran. I want to see the teacher to ask her if she can assign another country for my daughter because I don't really have the clear picture of Iran's costume. But an idea popped out from my mind. Why not search in the web or ask friends from blog world to help me.I know some have the idea. Just link me to your post if you get one. Thanks ahead.

My HEKASI class during one of our U.N. Culminating Celebration. Children enjoyed wearing their International Costume

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