Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Thursday Theme Song I Can't Smile without You

Can't Smile Without You Lyrics
Artist(Band):Barry Manilow
You know I can't smile without you
I can't smile without you

I'm finding it hard to do anything
You see I feel sad when you're sad

I feel glad when you're glad
If you only knew what I'm going through

I just can't smile without you

You came along just like a song
And brightened my day
Who would have believed that you were part of a dream
Now it all seems light years away

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Yummy Sunday with Hubby

After the busy days, time to treat yourself. Hubby and I went out for a dinner but the main purpose is to buy rice and other basic needs at SM. since we are there we decided to have dinner. Of course we went straight to our favorite place where I can have my favorite chopsuey. Dimsum Dinner locted at SM, CDO.



   Of course dinner is not complete without my favorite cream Mango shake!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thursday Theme Song- Just for Fun

Zombies on Your Lawn Lyrics

Laura Shigihara

1, 2, 3 (Whew!!)
There's a zombie on your lawn
There's a zombie on your lawn
There's a zombie on your lawn
We don't want zombies on the lawn

sunflower Pictures, Images and Photos

zombies Pictures, Images and Photos
(This is not my photo just got it from photobucket Thanks to the owner)

Zombies on Your Lawn Lyrics

Laura Shigihara

1, 2, 3 (Whew!!)
There's a zombie on your lawn
There's a zombie on your lawn
There's a zombie on your lawn
We don't want zombies on the lawn

I know your type: tall, dark, and dead
You want to bite all the petals off of my head
And then eat the brains of
The one who planted me here
I'm just a sunflower but see
Me power an entire infantry
You like the taste of brains
We don't like zombies!

I used to play football
Road cones protect my head
I have a screen-door shield
We are the undead!

There's a zombie on your lawn
There's a zombie on your lawn
There's a zombie on your lawn
We don't want zombies on the lawn

Maybe it's time to reevaluate
I know you have a lot of food on your plate
Brains are quite rich in cholesterol
You're dead so it doesn't matter,
To make a lawn defense at any hour

I like your tricycle
There's butter on my head
I'm gonna eat your brains
We are the undead!

There's a zombie on your lawn
There's a zombie on your lawn
There's a zombie on your lawn
We don't want zombies on the lawn

I really like this game Plants vs. Zombies

halloween table Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday and Ruby Tuesday


     This is Aimee my co- teacher. A lovely and humble woman. She is a head turner in town. But I don't know why until now she is still single. Her "Tatay" father gave this car to her.
     But before I knew she has this car. When I saw this car model and the color I really got a crush on it. I do not wish to have one but if God allows why not!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yummy Sunday- Attending A Friend and Sister's Birthday

Hindi kumpleto ang handaang Pinoy kung walang Papa ketsup!
Dining/ Celebration is not complete without "Papa Catchup!"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4th Thursday Theme Song

You'll Be In My Heart (With Lyrics)-Tarzan and Phil Collins

In memory of my late mother who died last August 15, 2009. Dedicated to my siblings who are with me.

Come stop your crying
It will be all right
Just take my hand Hold it tight 


I will protect you
from all around you
I will be here
Don't you cry 

Reaching out Pictures, Images and Photos

For one so small,
you seem so strong
My arms will hold you,
keep you safe and warm
This bond between us
Can't be broken
I will be here
Don't you cry 

'Cause you'll be in my heart
Yes, you'll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more 


Hottin Anni is hosting  , so Mommy and Madi is inviting us all to join TTS.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wanted National Costume for U.N.

    United Nation was founded after the World War II it was officially organized on October 24, 1945. Philippines is among its 192 members. That is why every October we commemorate U.N's foundation through display of flags and wearing of International costumes.

     This morning, my youngest Hannah excitedly showed to me her teacher's note that she will represent the Country of Iran. I want to see the teacher to ask her if she can assign another country for my daughter because I don't really have the clear picture of Iran's costume. But an idea popped out from my mind. Why not search in the web or ask friends from blog world to help me.I know some have the idea. Just link me to your post if you get one. Thanks ahead.

My HEKASI class during one of our U.N. Culminating Celebration. Children enjoyed wearing their International Costume

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday and Ruby Tuesday


   It had been 5 years since I stopped drinking coffee. I quited for a reason healthy food intake. But when my hubby brew this coffee sent by Tatay Tony. Oh my I just can't resist the aroma. At first I just sniffed it in the air. Next, 2 sips from hubby's mug. But then later, half a mug and now I don't think I can go on with my day without it.
   I'm glad that Starbucks Coffee will have it's first branch in Cagayan de Oro, located at Lim Ket Kai Mall. surely I will not miss their opening day. I want to have a cup of it. Watch for it Kagay-anons!

  Yesterday, some of our brethren came by our house for fellowship. We served starbucks coffee to them and Epay baked this very delicious and mouthwatering cake from Betty Crocker. This cake is perfectly served with the coffee we brew. Everyone was having a great Sunday afternoon.

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Foot and Mouth Disease - What is this?

   Kris Aquino

  Just 3 days ago Presidential sister Kris Aquino's kids were reported to have acquired foot and mouth disease. Different reactions and opinions were made by people who heard the news, like: " pati pala na ang mayayama pwedeng tamaan nito!" "Naku, saan ba nakukuha and ganitong sakit?"  " Akala ko mga taong lang na mahilig sa marurumi and nahahawa ng ganitong sakit!". What is shocking is that it does not choose people. Any person from any walks of life can be contaminated with this infection. Even wealthy and famous personality.

   What really is HMFD, what are the symptoms and the remedy of this disease?

   Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a human syndrome caused by intestinal viruses of the Picornaviridae family
View Full Size Image

Symptoms Includes:
Fever, Headache, Vomiting, Fatigue, Non-itchy body rash, followed by sores with blisters on palms of hands and soles of feet, Sore throatSores or blisters may be present on the buttocks of small children and infants,Loss of appetite and Diarrhea

How It Is Spread

  • Infection is spread from person to person by direct contact with infectious virus. Infectious virus is found in the nose and throat secretions, saliva, blister fluid, and stool of infected persons. The virus is most often spread by persons with unwashed, virus-contaminated hands and by contact with virus-contaminated surfaces.
  • Infected persons are most contagious during the first week of the illness.
  • The viruses that cause HFMD can remain in the body for weeks after a patient's symptoms have gone away. This means that the infected person can still pass the infection to other people even though he/she appears well. Also, some persons who are infected and excreting the virus, including most adults, may have no symptoms.
  • HFMD is not transmitted to or from pets or other animals.

There is no specific treatment for hand, foot and mouth disease. Individual symptoms, such as fever and pain from the sores, may be eased with the use of medication. HFMD is a viral disease that has to run its course; many doctors do not issue medicine for this illness, unless the infection is severe. Infection in older children, adolescents, and adults is normally very mild and lasts around 1 week or sometimes more. Fever reducers will help to control high temperatures. Luke-warm baths will also help bring temperature down.

There is no specific treatment for this infection so better if noticed  the signs and  symptoms listed above  in our children we better consult the doctor or specialists for HFMD so situation will not grow worst and we can prevent the spread of HFMD.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Share it Now!

pink ribbon

October is breast cancer awareness month. As a health care worker, I see and dealt a lot of patients even friends going through the battle of breast cancer. This month I would like to join the pink ribbon challenge. Just click the pink ribbon to help one woman save life by getting free mammogram. If you  may join with me and pass the pink ribbon challenge. These links are ONLY for "Pink Ribbon Challenge" participants, any links not related to the Pink Ribbon Challenge will be deleted.  Grab the code at Things We Share and post it in your blog entry. Please post only the Pink Ribbon Challenge actual post link  here and  help The Breast Cancer Site and National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. by spreading the Pink Ribbon Challenge.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My First Entry for Friday Fill-Ins

I joined last week, that was my first entry supposedly but I my post was not recognized. Aunt Grace of Gracia Fashionista advised me to place my first entry upon posting my link so I can attract many visitor to view my post. Let me see if it gonna work.

1. My favorite month is December because this is a time where we can have family reunion.

2. I want to breath a fresh breeze.

3. I love to sniff the aroma of brewed "starbucks" coffee  .

4. "Pancake with syrup" is what I like to have as a treat for breakfast.

5. The hobby I enjoy most is reading.

6. Mosquitoes oh my!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to have a dinner date with hubby after our Bible Study, tomorrow my plans include backyard gardening and wash mountain of clothes  and Sunday, I want to be refreshed with God's word!

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#4 Thursday Theme Song "Filipino Delite"- The Coconut Nut

By Smokey Mountain
The coconut nut is a giant nut
If you eat too much, you'll get very fat
Now, the coconut nut is a big, big nut
But its delicious nut is not a nut

a cocnut Pictures, Images and Photos

It's the coco fruit (it's the coco fruit)
Of the coco tree (of the coco tree)
From the coco palm family

The coconut nut is a giant nut
If you eat too much, you'll get very fat
Now, the coconut nut is a big, big nut
But its delicious nut is not a nut

It's the coco fruit (it's the coco fruit)
Of the coco tree (of the coco tree)
From the coco palm family

There are so many uses of the coconut tree
You can build a big house for the family
All you need is to find a coconut man
If he catch the tree, he gets the fruit free

The coconut bark for the kitchen floor
If you save some of it, you can build the door
Now, the coconut trunk, do not throw this junk
If you save some of it, you'll have a second floor

The coconut wood is very good
It can stand 20 years if you create (?) wood
Now, the coconut fruit, to tell you the truth
You can probe it or use it as firewood

The coconut leaves could shade it gives
For the roof, for the walls up against the eaves
Now, the coconut fruit, say my relatives
Make good cannonballs up against the eaves


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Memoir as a Teacher

I am a teacher.
Teaching runs in my blood
 I was born in family of Educators.
 It is a Mission not a Profession!


Teachers are heroes of today
Molding young generation in every way
To be independent free from slavery
And be a strong pillar for their country.

Teacher are fiends, a mother so true
Teaching the children to read and write too
Number counting. problem solving
Making every lesson fun and interesting.

Distributing goodies to the children during Christmas Party 2009. Learning should  be fun through incentives and rewards not through punishment!

As a coach, Posing with our trophy we are again the Division School Press Conference Champion 2009
Learning should be fun. I make sure that learning is not only within the four corners of the classroom. I give them the idea and guidance to creatively initiate the activity. I just suggest we gonna have "parade of flags"  as a culminating activity for the United Nations Celebrations. I am a subject teacher of HE-Heograpiya, KA-Kasaysayan at SI- Sibika. They responded creatively. I was surprise they wore their colorful costume. Not only that, they prepared yells and cheers for their continent! Education should not only teach them to eat fish but to teach them how to catch a big fish!
As Facilitator, Teacher is generous, willing to share her ideas to other teacher. Guiding participants in the Seminar.
Being a teacher is a noble task. It requires patience, endurance, and commitment. It is just fitting to honor teachers. Good that the World recognizes through Celebrating "World Teacher"s Day- My Teacher,My Hero!"

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