Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#1 Word Filled Wednesday-Make the Right Choice

     To choose or not to choose is one choice we should always decide. In this  purpose-driven life we should choose the way that leads us doing God's design for us.


Monday, August 30, 2010

#1 Ruby Tuesday-Flowery Heart

  I was fascinated by how these  simple -ordinary flowers turned into a beautiful piece of decoration. My first entry for Ruby Tuesday.

Noodle Making

   Last August 24-26, 2010, Sola Gratia Ministries held the First Women's Conference in the Philippines. It was held in the Bible Camp, Tago Tandag, Surigao del Sur. It was indeed a very fruitful event especially for us women designed by God in the Ministry He called us.
   The activities was varied. We are not only filled with the Word of God but we are also taught how to feed our family with fresh and without chemical, preservative foods. We did some bread making, pasties -cookies, cake baking, meat processing and of course fresh noodles for the family.
Blanching the noodle strand after it went through the noodle maker. The dough became strands. Exciting
    My kids love noodles, so I was very eager to learn how to make it.The kneading is simple but the turning of it to strands was a tough job especially when you have to cut it with knife manually. I wish hubby and I could buy  a noodle maker and other baking equipments.

#1 Blue Monday-Blue Memories

Memories with my late mother! When they say "My world is blue it means sad" but for me blue stands for happiness where most color of skies and beyond is blue. A place where our soul rest in the Lord what a glorious day to expect!
For more of blue Monday:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

#3 Yummy Sunday- Fish Fillet

Malasugue fishfillet one of our preparations during my hubby's birthday.
   Fish Fillet is one of the menu my kids love. So I make sure to prepare it during special occasion. Some would have it cut into rectangular shape but we prefer to have it sticks. They really love the crunchy, yummy taste of it. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sings My soul - Power of your Love

A very close friend Hans praising God by playing the keyboard "Power of Your Love".
Indeed it is God's powerful love that enabled us to come and draw near to Him.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mellow Yellow-Caught by this Sign

  A day before we dropped by a food chain just to get snack for the kids on our way home.As  I was ordering the food that the kids would like to have my attention was caught to this sign:..... I did not have a camera, so I just use my hubby's cellphone though the camera was not that really good.
I was stunned by this sign I saw in one our favorite Fast food chain in this city. Praying that all establishment can implement this
     This should really be posted in every establishment so that the elderly/ senior citizens can have the access of their rights and benefits anytime anywhere.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sky Watch

I am not a prowess photographer and don't have a powerful camera. Still learning. Captivated by the beauty of sunset.
   I really love sky watching. I love watching the figures and patterns formed in the sky. It widens my imagination. It made me creative.It even give a glimpse of heaven that God prepard for His children.
This was captured during the most tragic time when I have to stay beside an ailing mother. Who's days are already numbered. I then was able to make a poem about it.


Sunset reminds me of God's grace
After a stormy day, the sign of a brighter tomorrow
A hope to look forward
The end of the gloomy way.

I love sunset, it is the time to rest and play
The long day work is done
It is a family reunion 
of every member that has been away from home.

Sunset in life, tells it is the end
of every life on earth
But do not fret my friend
There is more glorious life at the end.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Friends loves at all times

These are puppies of Rusky, our pet in CBC office and fellowship center. They are just weened from their mother. We brought them to Brother Noel's care.  Sooner they will become like their mom the "watchdog".

They are trainable dogs. I hope I could find tips from the internet on how to train puppies. Could you suggest?

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friends- Acting Out

Can't forget this pose. One of my favorite. Playing who can jump the highest? I really enjoyed acting out - flying above the Famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines. During our Summer Escapade after the tight schedules during PAESPA workshop. Yepey! I'm on top of the hills.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bugs and Bunny from a Friend

Meet Bugs and Bunny a token of friendship from our friend

     Our kids really love pets. So many times they asked me, " could I have this? could I have that as pet?" No words will they hear from me. The answer is just a raise of eyebrows. they knew what that means. Though I agree that letting them have pet is a way for them to become responsible. I have to rationalize with the principle. I am not afraid with the responsibility but I am concerned with the attachment the pet would bring to them and to us.
     I recalled, Once when I was a kid I have had a pet named Kenny a cross-breed of Japanese Spitz and Terrier. We just found him when we had a morning walk near the park. He followed us so we brought that dog home. He had been the center of care as pet for four years. One summer the family went to the beach we brought him along. Everyone seems to enjoy the beach and forgot Kenny. When we were about to leave the area everyone looked at each other with our eyes asking "where is Kenny?". Though how we tried to look  for that dog it is nowhere to be found. I cried lots of tears for that pet. 
    This is the very reason I don't like pets at home.But our friend Pastor Jun gave us a pair of bunnies. I can't say no to my hubby who is very excited to have them. It is his house and he is the boss. So bugs and bunny became the pet of everybody. Though I have little apprehensions about having pets I know with the help of God and information on the Internet  we can be a responsible pet owners.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thats Whats Friends Are For

Friendship Made from Heaven

Memories full of love and happiness with mama Nona and Tatay Tony

Race, language and customs  differences are not hindrance for anybody to cross  ways   through God's divine purpose and  appointed time.
    It was almost a year when God allowed us to meet a friend from Arizona, USA. He was my mother's special friend. When he learned about my mother's terminal situation without hesitation, he flew  6649 miles to show his love and concern for the woman she just knew through internet.
    I believe every situation is not by chance. God appointed it to be. "It was clear still clear to  memory my mother's feeling when we fetched him in the airport. Filled with excitement and joy though she was sick... really sick  because of cancer that also weakened her kidneys and lungs, you can never see a glimpse of weakness in her. She became  so alive, full of vigor and love. I saw her like a teen ager going to her first date.
       It was a meeting of happiness. The fulfillment of the  much awaited friendship-the gift from the Lord." The presence of that friend brought so much sunshine to my mother's remaining days. She was stronger than ever. She was able to stand alone. Her aura had improved, if you are not her kin that knew her situation you cannot say she's sick.It was God's way of comforting my mother,  I believed.  He allowed that friendship even how short it was for a purpose.
     The gift that binds them did not stop after the death of my mother.He also became our friend. Not only friend but a father sent from heaven.We have not experience the life of having a father in the flesh because our father left us  when we were yet kids.   God allowed us to experience it through  this man. We call him Tatay Tony.
    God's ways are higher than our ways nor His thoughts higher than our thoughts.We did not know how the love of friendship binds our different lives together. It is a miracle from God. It was indeed  made from heaven.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Delight with Friends

Some of us look farther. We do not notice that in our own locality there are also spots that can be compared to the places we dream to visit. This is not bad but my point is let us enjoy every God's creation. We don't have to go far and spend much  to relax  enjoy.
         In Cagwait, Tandag ,Surigao del  Sur. There is a beach resort almost like Boracay. This is not fully developed yet and untouched by human hand. Architectural development has not destroyed it's natural beauty. The water is still crystal clear. Pollution is not yet known in this paradise.
          Last summer of 2009, our friends with some relatives were blessed to have visit this paradise and enjoy it's beauty.  We're having fun under the sun. The young we're enjoying "batin" and dancing ball in the water. It seems that we didn't notice that the day is almost over. We did not notice the time ran so fast. we were careless then. We didn't want the excitement to end but it should. 
         The fun and memories we had is once in a lifetime. We should praise God for all the things He allowed us to experience. We should also give thanks to Him for the gift of friendship and the delight it brings.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friends -- LIVE -- Michael W. Smith [With Lyrics/Subtitles]

I wish I could wear this tee shirts!


Friendship in Biking

      My best friend, my husband rolled into one, "chadah".......Hywel Mark Llesis. He likes catching up some friends bicycling during weekends. He gained lots of it through his past time. It make him physically fit. It helps him gain stamina and endurance. 
      Anton his friend encouraged him to join their "cyclist" group. These are group of men who went bicycling from Cagayan de Oro to as far as any place in Mindanao or even Visayas. My husband had joined them for several fun ride but he was always left behind and came back leaving the group as he is grasping his oxygen....poor hubby! He is just a neophyte while his company are already experts and some had won in tournaments. 
      He still wants to pursue this kind of hobby not to make him a winning bicyclist but to make him physically healthy and disciplined. He also takes time to take care of his friend "Bikee" his bike.  

My Kids Snacks

Yellow Snacks!

     Beside having sandwich with a yellow cheese inside it. I also placed in their pack yellow goodies to stimulate them to work and play during school activities this Monday. They may also enjoy it with some friends.