Sunday, August 1, 2010


Friendship in Biking

      My best friend, my husband rolled into one, "chadah".......Hywel Mark Llesis. He likes catching up some friends bicycling during weekends. He gained lots of it through his past time. It make him physically fit. It helps him gain stamina and endurance. 
      Anton his friend encouraged him to join their "cyclist" group. These are group of men who went bicycling from Cagayan de Oro to as far as any place in Mindanao or even Visayas. My husband had joined them for several fun ride but he was always left behind and came back leaving the group as he is grasping his oxygen....poor hubby! He is just a neophyte while his company are already experts and some had won in tournaments. 
      He still wants to pursue this kind of hobby not to make him a winning bicyclist but to make him physically healthy and disciplined. He also takes time to take care of his friend "Bikee" his bike.  

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