Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bugs and Bunny from a Friend

Meet Bugs and Bunny a token of friendship from our friend

     Our kids really love pets. So many times they asked me, " could I have this? could I have that as pet?" No words will they hear from me. The answer is just a raise of eyebrows. they knew what that means. Though I agree that letting them have pet is a way for them to become responsible. I have to rationalize with the principle. I am not afraid with the responsibility but I am concerned with the attachment the pet would bring to them and to us.
     I recalled, Once when I was a kid I have had a pet named Kenny a cross-breed of Japanese Spitz and Terrier. We just found him when we had a morning walk near the park. He followed us so we brought that dog home. He had been the center of care as pet for four years. One summer the family went to the beach we brought him along. Everyone seems to enjoy the beach and forgot Kenny. When we were about to leave the area everyone looked at each other with our eyes asking "where is Kenny?". Though how we tried to look  for that dog it is nowhere to be found. I cried lots of tears for that pet. 
    This is the very reason I don't like pets at home.But our friend Pastor Jun gave us a pair of bunnies. I can't say no to my hubby who is very excited to have them. It is his house and he is the boss. So bugs and bunny became the pet of everybody. Though I have little apprehensions about having pets I know with the help of God and information on the Internet  we can be a responsible pet owners.

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