Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sky Watch

I am not a prowess photographer and don't have a powerful camera. Still learning. Captivated by the beauty of sunset.
   I really love sky watching. I love watching the figures and patterns formed in the sky. It widens my imagination. It made me creative.It even give a glimpse of heaven that God prepard for His children.
This was captured during the most tragic time when I have to stay beside an ailing mother. Who's days are already numbered. I then was able to make a poem about it.


Sunset reminds me of God's grace
After a stormy day, the sign of a brighter tomorrow
A hope to look forward
The end of the gloomy way.

I love sunset, it is the time to rest and play
The long day work is done
It is a family reunion 
of every member that has been away from home.

Sunset in life, tells it is the end
of every life on earth
But do not fret my friend
There is more glorious life at the end.