Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Friendship Made from Heaven

Memories full of love and happiness with mama Nona and Tatay Tony

Race, language and customs  differences are not hindrance for anybody to cross  ways   through God's divine purpose and  appointed time.
    It was almost a year when God allowed us to meet a friend from Arizona, USA. He was my mother's special friend. When he learned about my mother's terminal situation without hesitation, he flew  6649 miles to show his love and concern for the woman she just knew through internet.
    I believe every situation is not by chance. God appointed it to be. "It was clear still clear to  memory my mother's feeling when we fetched him in the airport. Filled with excitement and joy though she was sick... really sick  because of cancer that also weakened her kidneys and lungs, you can never see a glimpse of weakness in her. She became  so alive, full of vigor and love. I saw her like a teen ager going to her first date.
       It was a meeting of happiness. The fulfillment of the  much awaited friendship-the gift from the Lord." The presence of that friend brought so much sunshine to my mother's remaining days. She was stronger than ever. She was able to stand alone. Her aura had improved, if you are not her kin that knew her situation you cannot say she's sick.It was God's way of comforting my mother,  I believed.  He allowed that friendship even how short it was for a purpose.
     The gift that binds them did not stop after the death of my mother.He also became our friend. Not only friend but a father sent from heaven.We have not experience the life of having a father in the flesh because our father left us  when we were yet kids.   God allowed us to experience it through  this man. We call him Tatay Tony.
    God's ways are higher than our ways nor His thoughts higher than our thoughts.We did not know how the love of friendship binds our different lives together. It is a miracle from God. It was indeed  made from heaven.

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