Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Delight with Friends

Some of us look farther. We do not notice that in our own locality there are also spots that can be compared to the places we dream to visit. This is not bad but my point is let us enjoy every God's creation. We don't have to go far and spend much  to relax  enjoy.
         In Cagwait, Tandag ,Surigao del  Sur. There is a beach resort almost like Boracay. This is not fully developed yet and untouched by human hand. Architectural development has not destroyed it's natural beauty. The water is still crystal clear. Pollution is not yet known in this paradise.
          Last summer of 2009, our friends with some relatives were blessed to have visit this paradise and enjoy it's beauty.  We're having fun under the sun. The young we're enjoying "batin" and dancing ball in the water. It seems that we didn't notice that the day is almost over. We did not notice the time ran so fast. we were careless then. We didn't want the excitement to end but it should. 
         The fun and memories we had is once in a lifetime. We should praise God for all the things He allowed us to experience. We should also give thanks to Him for the gift of friendship and the delight it brings.

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