Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Watery Wednesday

Enjoying the sight. One of the beautiful spot that  Boholanons are proud of. The beautiful river where floating restaurants wait for visitors to dine while the tiny waves and the current of the river sways the ferry boat back and forth loaded with dinning sets and delicious food. An experience one should not missed while visiting Bohol.
We inquired how much per head to dine in the "eat all you can". The price is right for a worthwhile  and once in a lifetime experience. But we were in a hurry to visit all scenic spots in the Island of Chocolate Hills during that day so we can catch up the trip back to Cebu that same day! We were not able to experience that restaurant at my back.

A scene to behold. Panglao River Floating Restaurants

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Kim, USA said...

Been there and I so love it.
At the creek