Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blogging His Visit to Pinas 2nd Day

Bad day today! Today I thought I would walk to the dentist office. No big deal, it was only three or four miles, but the streets were never meant for pedestrian traffic. The sidewalks are actually only curbs, and only 12 inches wide and in many places, simply don’t exist. On my way there I found a totally cool outdoor market and walked through it in amazement. There was raw meat and fish not under refrigeration being cut and sold to anyone who asked. Unbelievable amounts and varieties of fruit and veggies. I was only able to identify half of all I saw. I walked almost to the end of the market before I realized that the people in the market did not want me there. It was the strangest feeling! No one said anything to me and no menacing behavior but the feeling was unmistakable. It wasn’t that they hated me or wanted to harm me, I just wasn’t welcome. I turned around and walked out of the market. While I was there I saw another variety of police. I have seen so many kinds of police. There are the Makati city police, traffic police, the barangay police, peacekeepers, and sewer police. The people love uniforms, it’s incredible the number and kinds of uniforms. It’s not that they have uniforms, we have uniforms. Its that they take their uniforms seriously. Secretaries have uniforms.
There are all these cute little kids begging on the street. 4 and 5 year olds with hardly any clothes on, just breaks my heart but they work for the crime syndicate and turn in their begging money for food. The taxi drivers have been having a hard time finding the hotel, even with a map. How do these guys get jobs if they don’t know the city? Everybody is nice, there is no road rage, no yelling, no flipping other drivers off, its amazing! Today I had the best Japanese food I have ever had in my life. Everything was very fresh and it all tasted like it was supposed to.

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