Monday, November 1, 2010

United Nation Costume for Mellow Yellow, Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday

    Children are gifts from the Lord, that is why whenever our kids perform though they were  not the best performer we take pride of their accomplishments. We are proud to say, "that's my girl or my boy!".
   My kids wore their costumes during the United Nations Culminating Program in their schools. They looked so pretty cute on their costume. See them so you would agree with me.
Hannah as an Iranian.

My youngest dancing a Hawaian Dance with her Costume

This is Ate Juwella in her Japanese Costume.

     If maybe there are much time to make on line shopping or finances permits we could get costume from Fancy Dress Balloon Bizarre for UK and Shopzilla for US .


Mrs. M @ TLC said...

Girls do like to dress up, don't they? I have girls in the house who love to wear costumes, too.

Hope your week is great.

Mel Cole said...

Awww so pretty girls you have Junneth. Ang galing ni Mami kumuha nang costume. Followed you na rin dito Jun. Got your badge too. :)

My Ruby Tuesday post here

Auntie E said...

wonderful view of the children.
My ruby Tuesday link for you

wholesale cage fighter said...

Such a pretty dresses. I love it and I suddenly remember my little niece. Big thanks for sharing.