Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do You have difficulty in Sleeping?

  I used to have a problem- difficulty to sleep especially when I lapse my sleeping time. This also strikes me when I am away from home or I am travelling. Worst thing is my body wants to rest but your mind is still wandering. It's tiresome. I end up waking up with hyper acidity. But I can't just take any pills to drowse me as I also heard many sad story about well-known people who's life became miserable as they became addicted to it. Not only miserable  but over using caused their lives:List of drugs related death

Baby-boomers addicted to sleeping pills

   But I appreciate DJ Moby for saying "NO" to sleeping pills . Maybe he opt for another way to resolved his insomnia. 
   As for me I thank God that my problem was healed but I'm also glad that a friend in the name of Asien informed me about their health products the  LIFEWAVE. What is good with this is that it is Natural healthy. 
   If you have sleeping difficulty you may try their lifewave silentnights . Then discover it yourself you will have your good night sleep!

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