Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ambush Shots! C'mmon Smile!

mommy moments

I am touched whenever I saw father takes care of kids. In my thoughts it must be heaven!
 Nothing in my memories any thought of my father's care and concern. He left us in our mother's hand. He wandered and maybe forgot all about us. Then, he came back but with another family. So sad!
    God has blessed me with a family that I know would not leave me and my kids like an orphan. I thank him for the father He has given to my children.
      But I still praise God though I never had any experience of father's concern and love when I was a kid I know I have a Father in heaven who takes care of me He never leaves nor forsakes me!
Do I look like my father?


My kids love swimming,even this newly constructed pool not yet fully developed. they begged to swim. Their persistence melt him to went swimming with them! No swimming gear!

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